The North Platte Genealogical Society (NPGS) serves Lincoln County, Nebraska. The NPGS Collection is housed in the North Platte Public Library. The group meetings January through May and September through November on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Meeting Room at the North Platte Public Library. Society dues are $12, due in January.

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  1. Anthony Thompson says:

    Im looking for information on a Michael Rentschler, On this websit it lists that your organization has information on him, and I was hoping to access it. Heres is where I found the list, http://www.genealogybuff.com/ne/ne-lincoln-npgs.htm. Please let me know what I can do to get the information. Im also looking for evidence of a Frank Thompson who lived in North Platt in 1931-32, if you have any tips on where and who to contact, please let me know. Thanks Anthony

  2. Paul Coverdale Bartlett says:

    I found a couple of interesting names on a surname list published by NPGS at http://www.genealogybuff.com/ne/ne-lincoln-npgs.htm, COVERDALE, Ellen Jennings, and ORNDORFF, Westfall. Although I am not directly related to them, I have encountered them in a general survey of Coverdales in America which I am conducting. I would very much like to know why they are on the North Platte list, and would like to correspond with the interested person, if possible. BTW, I am a former North Platte resident. Used to work at GPRMC.

  3. Diana Kelly says:

    I am doing genealogy research on the Fye and Eby families from Sutherland, Nebraska and wondered how I might join the North Platte Genealogical Society.

    Also — Elden Burcham just passed away — he was my first cousin (once removed) and I’d like to donate to the North Platte Genealogical Society in his memory. Please let me know how to do this. You may send directly to my e-mail: dikelly54@hotmail.com

    Thank you!

    Diana (Kirchen) Kelly
    Poway, California

  4. admin says:

    Hi Diana,

    You can join the Society by letter and annual membership dues of $12 (single) or $15 (couple) to:
    North Platte Genealogical Society (NPGS)
    120 W 4th ST
    North Platte NE 69101

    However, NPGS does not offer a newsletter or some of the other benefits you might get from other societies. I don’t know how much benefit you would receive. We are always happy to do research with reproduction and delivery costs invoiced upon completion.

    Obit Lookups Exact Date: $2.00 each
    Obit Lookups Month/Year: $3.00 each
    Copy Charges: $0.25 per page
    Other Research Charges Negotiable

    I sent further details in a personal email.

    Sara, NPGS Blog Admin

  5. Margaret McWilliams says:

    I also have found names published on http://www.genealogybuff.com/ne/ne-lincoln-npgs.htm. The names are James Ryburn Weakley and his wife Susan Emily McWilliams.
    I would like very much to know what records you may have on them and how to go about getting them.
    Thank you.
    Margaret McWilliams

  6. admin says:

    On behalf of the NPGS officers I would like to apologize to anyone searching for ancestors and answers referencing the site http://www.genealogybuff.com/ne/ne-lincoln-npgs.htm. This site lists a surname list from the 1980’s when NPGS published newsletters. As a current member of the organization, I have searched the surname files and the obituary drawers we have in the Library and have been unsuccessful in locating information as requested above. I contacted our Vice President, who happens to be a professional genealogist, and asked about the list on the site. She has requested the site remove the list as we have nothing in our collections pertaining to the list. That may not be the case for all names in the list but it is the case for several of the names I have attempted to locate information about in our collections.

  7. Deb Waggoner says:

    I am looking for Probate Records from Douglas County. I see on the Family Search website that it has a microfilm and it states this, “Microfilm of originals housed by the North Platte Genealogical Society, North Platte, Nebraska”. Can you tell me if these records are housed at NPGS?


  8. admin says:

    It is true we have some microfilmed probate records here in the NPGS collection at North Platte Public Library. We have a card surname index to the probate, wills, estates, etc. that were microfilmed from Scott Abstracts. There are a few from non-Lincoln County, but the majority are Lincoln County, Nebraska.

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